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Indian Institute of Management Bangalore

Enlightened Leadership (Batch-1) Category Name

Venue : IIMB Campus
Last date for registration: 21 Jul, 2023
Start Date : 31 Jul, 2023
End Date : 04 Aug, 2023
Early Bird Discount Date : 10 Jul, 2023
Residential Fee(excluding GST) :  Rs. 1,35,000
Residential Early Bird Fee(excluding GST) :  Rs. 1,21,500
Non-Residential Fee(excluding GST) :  Rs. 1,10,000
Non-residential Early Bird Fee(excluding GST) :   Rs. 99,000

Programme Overview
The programme provides a holistic perspective on the role of enlightened leaders in creating responsible businesses in the emerging environment. While the building blocks of enlightened leadership and responsible business have long evolved, the pandemic has helped bring those issues to the centre-stage. There is a need to realign businesses to keep up with the changing expectations from investors, customers, employees, suppliers, and larger community and society.

Leaders will understand their role in creating purpose-driven organizations that address the real needs of the people they serve, while complying with environmental, social, and governance norms, even as they pursue their financial goals. After making a case for the need for leaders to assume holistic perspective in the initial sessions, the remaining sessions focus on elements of organization design that leaders can develop/implement to enable employees, which a key stakeholder group, to stay true to their personal goals and organization's  purpose to achieve sustainable high performance.


Programme Objective
The objective of this programme is to introduce participants to the concepts of enlightened leadership and responsible business and issues related to building organizations that achieve sustainable high performance. It prepares participants to be enlightened leaders of responsible business organizations within a largely capitalist economic system operating in a democratic society.  It attempts to persuade participants to look beyond financial performance parameters as the only criterion of excellence and highlights the need to create societal value by addressing the needs and concerns of all stakeholders that are directly or indirectly involved with or affected by their business organizations. A high-performance organization endeavours to meet and improve  the diverse performance expectations as demanded  by investors, customers, employees, suppliers, and larger community and society.



Programme Content
The readings will provide participants the most current perspectives of renowned researchers and consultants on enlightened leadership and responsible business and with examples from various industries. The cases will help participants to apply the concepts diverse contexts. The topics covered will include Conscious capitalism, organizational purpose, organizational performance, structures and processes for excellence, organizational culture for excellence, corporate social responsibility, and corporate citizenship behaviour. Within limits, the themes may be tailored to the expectations of the participants who register.


Key Benefits/Takeaways
Participants will be able to appreciate the sources of the tensions they experience as they try to pursue financial performance, narrowly defined. They will obtain a better understanding of the demands on them as senior leaders in a business organizations operating in a democratic society, and acquire tools and frameworks to pursue enlightened leadership and responsible business practices to guide their organizations towards long term sustainable high performance.


The program will be conducted using a combination of lectures, case analyses, exercises and video based discussions. The participants will be expected to prepare for the class sessions and participate in the discussions to facilitate the learning process. Participants will be encouraged to view themselves as leaders trying to reconcile and balance the diverse demands of their organization even as they embark on a long journey to excellence.


Who should participate
The target audience for this program are executives with general managerial responsibilities at the middle and senior management level of any industry. It may also be suitable for senior functional managers who are expected to occupy general managerial roles in the near future. Persons who have experienced the tensions of dealing with diverse demands from multiple stakeholders are most likely to benefit from the program.


Programme Fee
INR 1,35,000/- Residential and INR 1,10,000/- Non -Residential (+ Applicable GST) per person for participants from India and its equivalent in US Dollars for participants from other countries.

Early Bird Discount
Nominations received with payments on or before 10-July-23 will be entitled to an early bird Discount of 10%.
Early Bird Fee (Residential) INR 1,21,500/-(+ Applicable GST)
Early Bird Fee (Non-Residential) INR 99,000/-(+ Applicable GST)

Group Discount
Group Discount of 5% percentage can be availed for a group of 3 or more participants when nominations received from the same organization.

Please Note
All enrolments are subject to review and approval by the programme director. Joining Instructions will be sent to the selected candidates 10 days prior the start of the programme.

The programme fee should be received by the Executive Education Office before the programme commencement date.

In case of cancellations, the fee will be refunded only if a request is received at least 15 days prior to the start of the programme.

If a nomination is not accepted, the fee will be refunded to the person/ organisation concerned.

A certificate of participation will be awarded to the participants by IIMB.

Programme Director

Abhoy K Ojha is a Professor of Organization Behavior at the Indian Institute of Management Bangalore. He has a Ph.D. in Organizational Analysis from the Department of Strategy, Entrepreneurship and Management, Alberta School of Business, University of Alberta, a PGDAM from Jamnalal Bajaj Institute of Management Studies, University of Bombay, and a B.Tech. in Mechanical Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur. He teaches courses named Designing Organizations, Creating High Performance Organizations, and Enlightened Leadership for Responsible Business in the MBA programmes at IIMB. He also teaches courses on Organization Theory and Philosophy of Social Sciences in the PhD programme.  His current research interest is in contributing to the process of intellectual decolonization by articulating a philosophy of natural and social science based on the ‘darshanas’ of Indian thought, and developing a paradigm for management research that is contextually relevant for India.

How to Apply

Sample Certificate

Note: Certificate image is for reference to potential participants only and may change at the discretion of Executive Education Programmes Office