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To focus on new and emerging areas of research and education, Centres of Excellence have been established within the Institute. These ‘virtual' centres draw on resources from its stakeholders, and interact with them to enhance core competencies



Faculty members at IIMB generate knowledge through cutting-edge research in all functional areas of management that would benefit public and private sector companies, and government and society in general.


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Course Structure: A Solid Foundation




April 11 – June 15, 2022


Mid-term: May 12 – 14, 2022


End-term: June 16 – 18, 2022


June 20 – August 24,  2022


Mid-term: July 21 – 23, 2022


End-term: August 25 – 27 , 2022


September 5 – November 26, 2022


Mid-term: October 10 – 15, 2022


End-term: November 28 – December 3, 2022


November 7 – 12, 2022

Placement Week (No Classes)


December 5 – 17, 2022

International Immersion


December 19, 2022 – March 9, 2023


Mid-term: January 23 – 25, 2023


End-term: March 10-15, 2023


February 6-12, 2023

Final Placement Week (No Classes)

Convocation :31, March 2023

* International Immersion subject to change of dates and host University confirmation.

Note : Subject to minor changes in the dates.

The EPGP provides students with a solid foundation in key management concepts and disciplines. The academic year is divided into five terms: two terms devoted to core courses, one term for the International Immersion module, and two terms primarily for electives. Themes drawn from the realm of the social sciences have been integrated into the programme in a structured manner leading to a nuanced, multi-layered understanding of management issues.

Core courses are compulsory for all EPGP students and concentrate on the range of knowledge and skills required of all successful senior managers. On completion of the core courses, students have the choice of a broad range of electives to align with their career objectives and personal interests. In addition to electives designed specifically for the EPGP, students also have access to designated electives from other Institute programmes, including the two-year Post Graduate Programme, the PGPEM (Post Graduate Programme in Enterprise Management) and the PGPPM (Post Graduate Programme in Public Policy and Management), each offering specialized topics of study.

Students also work on a live project, the Comprehensive Project, that helps them to apply learning from the programme to a real management problem or an impending business opportunity.

Comprehensive Project

The Comprehensive Project, carried out under the direction of a faculty member, examines a contemporary live issue/topic pertaining to either a specific company or an industry. The objective of the project is to integrate classroom learning with practical experience, concepts and methodologies to real-world management issues.

Comprehensive project carries three credits and it can be done jointly by a team of two or three students during the third term.

Note: The specific core courses and electives offered may vary from year to year.