5th International Conference on Law and Economics
Indian Institute of Management Bangalore
28th & 29th December 2019

The surge in the growth of digital economy and the intermediary-led transactions deepens the continuing challenges to – existing social structures, economic policies and the legal/regulatory system. This compels a comprehensive policy response, ideally based on the experiences and inputs from academicians, research scholars, professionals, practitioners and policymakers.

The Indian Association of Law and Economics (IALE), comprising of leading educational institutions, founded the idea of a Conference to enable interaction among relevant stakeholders on the broad theme of ‘law and economics’. The fifth edition of the Conference is being hosted by the Indian Institute of Management Bangalore on 28th & 29th of December, 2019.

The Conference aims to:

  • Establish a credible forum of interaction for national and international intellectuals on law and economics;
  • Promote interdisciplinary and comparative policy oriented research; and
  • Facilitate deliberations, proceedings and publications.

Conference Themes:

A major theme of this edition of the Conference is ‘Law and Economics: Platforms & Intermediary Transactions’ and the social, economic, legal, institutional and regulatory challenges of the rapid emergence of platform-driven economy.

With a focus on the emerging areas of interaction between law and economics, especially in the sectors of Finance, Health and Environment, the Conference shall also consider themes on:

  • Economic analysis of Contracts, Torts, Competition and Corporate Law
  • New Ventures and Innovator-Investor interactions
  • Behavioural Law and Economics
  • Costs of Technology and Data pollution
  • Economics and the Constitution
  • Property Rights and Patents
  • Other Allied Areas of Law and Economics

President’s message:

Prof G Raghuram

Director IIM Bangalore

‘Law and Economics’ is no longer a term of reference to an interdisciplinary approach, but has now developed into a subject of its own stature and application. The interdependence is substantial, and more so when ‘regulation’ is an increasing part of the broader ambit of law. At one level, decision makers in economically driven activities need to understand legal implications. At another, they need to influence ‘appropriate’ law making and implementation. Correspondingly, at one level, law makers and implementers need to understand economic implications. At another, they need to influence economic activities towards ‘right’ functioning.

In the Indian context, there is significant need to focus on these interdependencies. We need frameworks for legal and regulatory challenges posed by emerging forms of businesses, driven by digital platforms and intermediary-led transactions. Similarly, we need frameworks for economic analysis of laws, the growing regulatory ecosystem, and remedies including ’alternate’ mechanisms. Solutions can result in better instruments, institutions and implementation.

At IIM Bangalore, we are constantly engaged in exploring and furthering the frontiers of research, and its innovative methods. With this objective, the Institute’s Economics and Social Sciences Area (ESS), and the Centre for Public Policy (CPP), are coming together to host this Conference, under the aegis of the Indian Association of Law and Economics (IALE). I have no doubt that this shall further strengthen the growing coalition of research institutions, and the community of scholars, pursuing themes of law and economics.

It is my pleasure to invite you to make submissions and participate in the Conference and enrich its proceedings.

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