Welcome to "Joy of Giving to IIMB" - An Empowering Journey of Giving Back!

At the Indian Institute of Management Bangalore (IIMB), we firmly believe in the transformative power of giving. The "Joy of Giving to IIMB" is a platform dedicated to enabling such initiatives that help us to nurture the leaders of tomorrow and make a lasting impact in the realm of education and research.

Our Pledge

Empowering Students

We are committed to supporting students from diverse backgrounds in their pursuit of academic excellence. Through various financial aid programmes, we ensure that deserving individuals can access a world-class education at IIMB, irrespective of their financial constraints.

Fostering Innovation

Embracing the spirit of innovation, IIMB continuously develops forward-looking programmes to equip students with the skills and knowledge needed for a rapidly changing business world. Our goal is to prepare leaders who can make a positive impact on industry and society, and drive change through their vision and ingenuity.

Driving Social Impact

IIMB takes pride in being a catalyst for social change. Our faculty, Students, and Staff actively engage in cutting-edge research, addressing critical challenges facing industry and society to offer sustainable solutions that shape industries and positively impact the society.

Thank you for embarking on this transformative journey with us.

Choose Your Cause

As a donor with "Joy of Giving to IIMB," you have the freedom to direct your contributions towards a specific cause that resonates with your passion. Whether you wish to support financial aid for deserving students, fuel groundbreaking research initiatives, or foster innovation-driven programs, your generosity becomes a driving force of transformation. Please visit the Funding Opportunities section for more details.

Join Our Movement

As part of the "Joy of Giving to IIMB" family, you become an integral part of shaping the future of education and leadership. Your contributions empower deserving students, propel groundbreaking research, and foster innovation, leaving a legacy that spans generations.

What Else Are We Known For?

We are working on multiple goals that will help us become a globally reputed business school. These goals are also tied to our core values and long term objectives.


Inclusive Campus

IIMB is known for its differently abled friendly campus and provides a nurturing,empathetic and inclusive environment for everyone to grow into responsible leaders.



Our focus on excellence has resulted in recognition by different global B-School ranking agencies. We have been ranked #1 amongst IIMs in India on all the programs that we offer.



Rain water harvesting has resulted in replenishment of the ground water at IIMB. A bio-gas plant is used to process organic waste and solar energy powers all the hostel blocks!



90+ international exchange students from different parts of the world spend one full term at the IIMB campus every year and get a wonderful immersive experience of India.


Giving Back

Vikasana – the student group and IIMB Alumni Association undertake many social projects every year. IIMB conducts many public talks for the benefit of entrepreneurs and business practitioners.


Green Campus

IIMB has been consistently rated as the best B-School campus in India for its horticulture and greenery. Waste collection and management is another hallmark of IIMB.