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Have you ever been in a situation where you are really unable to write and there is a deadline closing in? Read about a writing café in Tokyo which keeps track of your writing progress and makes sure you reach your target number of words for the day.  Read more

Each kind of text requires a different method of reading. Check out this article that helps us learn “How to read a scientific paper” and grasp the gist of the work, without having to read from start to end.  Read more

WritersCafe is an online writing community where you post your creative work and get reviews, make new friends and much more. Read more

The resource here equips academic writers to find their way into writing better, through imaginative and creative writing practices. Read more

Creative Writing for Social Research - A Practical Guide, By Richard Phillips and Helen Kara Read up about this book on how to communicate creatively in social research, how creative writing can help researchers with analysing data and communicating with participants. Read more

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