Writing workshops

Communicating Research 1 and 2

This is an academic writing course that is spread over terms 3 and 6 of the Ph. D programme, with a 1.5 credit foundations course titled Communicating Research 1 (CR1) in Term 3 (Year 1), followed by a 1.5 credit advanced course titled Communicating Research 2 (CR2) in Term 6 (Year 2). This immersive course will help students in creating and following a writing model based on theories and conventions of academic writing. In CR1, students will learn the basics of academic writing, including grammar and sentence structures, text and paragraph organisation. Through supervised writing practice, students will learn to identify and rectify ineffective patterns in their writing, establish good writing habits and learn to craft a persuasive research problem and abstract. In CR2, students will learn to set out, describe and evaluate research procedures, style one’s academic writing and employ innovative research, in addition to learning to present their research. Prof. Swati Bandi will be the instructor for the course.