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IIM Bangalore’s Centre for Teaching and Learning hosts webinar titled ‘The Future of Case Method as a Pedagogical Tool’ on August 26

Discussion focussed on case study methodology used by management teachers to introduce students to challenges in decision making, to promote critical thinking, and to refine their problem-solving skills

27 August, 2021, Bengaluru: The Centre for Teaching and Learning (CTL) at IIM Bangalore hosted a webinar titled, ‘The Future of Case Method as a Pedagogical Tool’ on August 26 (Thursday), 2021, as part of the Samiksha series of webinars.

The event, aimed at management educators and students alike, took place in the form of a panel discussion comprising Dr. Jaan Elias, Director, Case Study Research at Yale School of Management, Prof. V. G. Narayanan of the Accounting & Management area at Harvard Business School, and Prof. Srivardhini K Jha, Chairperson and faculty of the Entrepreneurship area at IIMB. Andrew Jack, Global Education Editor, Financial Times, was the moderator for the discussion. Prof. Jitamitra Desai, Chairperson and faculty in the Decision Sciences area and Chairperson, Supply Chain Management Centre at IIMB, provided a faculty perspective on the topic

The distinguished panel discussed in detail the case study methodology, widely used by the management teachers, to introduce students to the challenges in decision making, to promote critical thinking, and to refine their problem-solving skills.

Prof. Srivardhini Jha discussed the advantages and challenges of the case methodology. “The case method gives MBA students an opportunity to walk in the protagonist’s shoes and immerse themselves in the corporate context”, she pointed out.

Prof. V. G. Narayanan spoke about how the case method introduces students to continuous learning, as opposed to the learning model based on term-end examinations. “The case method improves student engagement level in a class because it provides scope for role plays, debates, polls, surveys, etc.”, he added. 

Dr. Jaan Elias discussed the ways case method can be used to instil in students not only the signature skills they require in a job, but also the essential judgement and decision making skills required under extremely critical and uncertain situations. He went on to speak about his work around the ‘raw cases’ as part of which the conventional case narratives are linked to articles, videos, reports, spreadsheets, etc., helping students develop judgement.

Prof. Jitamitra Desai highlighted the fact that to spread the case method across different parts of the world, the cases must confirm to the diverse kinds of students and the way they think.

The panel discussion was followed by a Q&A session.

YouTube Link: https://youtu.be/RL6z-zNZTj8 

The Future of Case Method as a Pedagogical Tool