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IIMB team aces TAPMI Bloomberg Championship

PGP students Rishu Raj, Mayank Goyal and Prakansh Mishra craft a winning multi-asset portfolio in the final round

09 JANUARY, 2024: The New Year has seen IIMB students sweep many global and national competitions. The latest team to win accolades comprises PGP students Rishu Raj, Mayank Goyal and Prakansh Mishra. The team won the first place in the TAPMI Bloomberg Championship, which included a cash prize of INR 75000 and a trophy. They  faced three rounds of intense competition from management institutes across India. 

The Bloomberg Lab at the Centre for Capital Markets and Risk Management (CCMRM) at IIMB provided training and guidance to the students.

The first round was an online quiz with 60+ teams; the second round comprised industry analysis with 20 teams and the final round was on campus with nine teams.

The final stage of the contest was a demanding 36-hour marathon, divided into three distinct sub-rounds, each leveraging the Bloomberg Terminal. The initial sub-round was a brisk 30-minute quiz, focusing on extracting pertinent economic and financial data from the Bloomberg Terminal’s diverse resources to answer a series of questions.

The second sub-round demanded thorough economic and industry analysis to identify promising investment sectors under two specific economic conditions. This involved detailed data-backed analysis of past economic and financial data using Bloomberg. The participants were also required to complete a valuation task for a listed entity, considering the given scenarios. Participants were then required to present their analysis and findings.

The final overnight sub-round challenged participants to craft a multi-asset portfolio, comprising 15 to 20 Indian equities and another asset class, adhering to various set criteria and aiming to outperform benchmark returns significantly. This portfolio was to be optimized given the constraints and subsequently back tested over five years to assess its relative performance, followed by a presentation detailing the methodology and outcomes achieved.