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Two-day workshop on IS curriculum gives faculty and doctoral students an opportunity to interact, brainstorm and network

29 AUGUST 2022: The Centre for Software and IT Management (CSITM) at IIM Bangalore and the Association for Information Systems – India Chapter (INAIS) hosted the Information Systems Curriculum & Pedagogy Practicum (ISCPP) on 26th and 27th August 2022 at the IIM Bangalore campus. It was a successful event with 35 young faculty and prospective academics from the IS area participating from all over India. It was facilitated by eight faculty members from IIMs and IITs, who led the sessions, over two days. The event featured lectures, hands-on designing of core IS courses in breakout groups, panel discussions, keynote address and more. 

On the first day, Prof. H Raghav Rao, from the University of Texas at San Antonio, spoke on ‘A Natural Experiment with Gamification in an Informal Learning Environment’. His lecture introduced the participants to the applications of gamification as a pedagogical tool for better learning outcomes. The key part of the workshop was the hands-on exercise on designing a core IS course for the MBA curriculum in B-schools. The participants were divided into breakout groups, each led by a facilitator. Their task was to brainstorm and present the course outline. The day concluded with a discussion on ‘Digital Fluency: Rethinking IS in Management Curriculum’. The panelists included Prof. Rahul De, faculty from the IS area at IIMB; Prof. Raghav Rao, Prof. Rejie George Pallathitta, faculty from the Strategy area at IIMB; Amit Nigam, VP, Products, RedBus; and Dr. Nandini S, Senior VP, HR & Organizational Development, Infosys. The panelists emphasized the need to include new courses to encapsulate the breadth and depth of digital knowledge and practical competencies across industry functions. 

On the second day, participants worked on designing Elective courses in the IS area. The ‘Basket of Courses’ approach was discussed, and a focused selection of electives was recommended based on potential career tracks in IS area where business students may get placed. The facilitators also discussed effective pedagogical methods like case studies, role play and simulation. Prof. Rahul De’s demonstration of gamification using the Kahoot tool was an engaging experience of learning how to create the “wow” factor in class.

The two-day workshop provided a useful opportunity for IS faculty and doctoral students to learn from each other and forge ties to build a stronger Indian IS community.

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