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The Centre for Software and Information Technology Management (CSITM) at IIM Bangalore hosted the second webinar under the series “Top IS Publications from India” on 18 November 2021.

The webinar series “Top IS Publications from India” initiated by CSITM, IIM Bangalore aims to honour and publicize some of the top research papers on Information Systems successfully published in reputed management journals (FT50 / ABDC A*) by research scholars from Indian B-schools. The first in the series was held on 29 September. The second in the series was held on 18 November 2021. Prof. Samadrita Bhattacharyya, Faculty, IIM Udaipur presented her co-authored research paper titled: ‘Temporal Effects of Repeated Recognition and Lack of Recognition on Online Community Contributions’ that was published in the Journal of Management Information Systems.

The study deals with the effects of recognition to acknowledge and encourage contribution and the lack of it on individuals. Motivated by the gaps and unexplored areas in understanding, the paper builds on reinforcement theory to propose a positive role of first-time recognition as a social reinforcer of contribution behaviour, while repeated recognition is hypothesized to suffer from reinforcer satiation. Other than its research contributions, this study provides practical insights for designing effective recognition systems for online communities. During the discussions, a lot of questions from the participants were discussed. Some examples are the difference between service based and product-based reviews, the effects of geographical diversity, etc. The discussions also covered the insights from the experience the authors went through, and the research methodologies used and these were of immense help to the young researchers. 

Prof. Shankhadeep Banerjee, Chairperson of CSITM at IIM Bangalore who is also one of the co-authors of the paper along with Prof. Indranil Bose and Prof. Atreyi Kankanhalli, joined the discussions with the participants.