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IIM Bangalore’s One-Year EPGP is India’s Best and APAC #4 in Bloomberg Best B-Schools Survey 2023

The Executive Post Graduate Programme in Management scores high on Compensation, Learning, Networking and Entrepreneurship 

Bengaluru, September 13, 2023:  The one-year full-time Executive Post Graduate Programme in Management (EPGP), offered by Indian Institute of Management Bangalore (IIMB) to experienced professionals, has been ranked #1 in India and #4 in the APAC region in the Bloomberg Best Business-Schools Survey 2023.

The EPGP at IIMB has performed extremely well on the parameters of Learning (86.6), Networking (83) and Entrepreneurship (79), marking a huge improvement on the previous year’s scores. 

The programme has rocketed to an Overall Score of 69.3, this year, from 66.4, last year. Compensation too saw a significant increase (44.8) this year over last year (34.2).

Professor Rishikesha T Krishnan, Director, IIM Bangalore, said: “It is good to see our efforts being recognized and reflected in both global and national rankings.”

In India, IIM Bangalore has emerged as the leading B-school for the second consecutive year, in the survey. IIMB is placed at #4 in Bloomberg’s APAC ranking.

Professor Ashok Thampy, Chairperson, EPGP at IIMB, said: “Our programme is designed for experienced professionals. We work towards instilling essential qualities such as agility, cross-disciplinary thinking, adaptability in ambiguous situations, and a readiness to lead change, among our students. The ranking is a testament to the programme’s effectiveness in preparing future leaders who can navigate complex business challenges and drive impact.”

Bloomberg has scored B-schools on 4 parameters – Compensation Index, Learning Index, Networking Index, and Entrepreneurship Index. Bloomberg surveyed over 100 MBA programmes around the world. The rankings were generated using data from over 18,000 students, alumni, and recruiter surveys, as well as income and employment data from each school and its alumni. The Best B-Schools results for 2023 are divided into four regions: Europe, Asia-Pacific, Canada, and the United States.