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FPSB India and IIM Bangalore Forge Strategic Partnership to Advance Financial Education and Professional Development; Launch the Executive Program in Financial Planning for Working Professionals & Students

  • FPSB India to offer 5 Scholarships on merit to students, CFP certification aspirants

  • To jointly create Continuous Professional Development (CPD) resources 

  • To jointly co-curate initiatives and events to make education & training accessible to students pursuing career in Finance

Bangalore, March 27, 2024 - FPSB India, the professional standards-setting body for financial planning in India, and the prestigious Indian Institute of Management Bangalore (IIM Bangalore) inked an Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), this morning,  to enhance the landscape of financial education and professional development in the country.

FPSB India and IIM Bangalore will jointly offer an Executive Education Programme in Financial Planning tailored for working professionals and students to cater to the growing demand for advanced financial planning education. This programme will leverage the expertise of both FPSB India and IIM Bangalore to deliver comprehensive learning experiences that meet the evolving needs of the industry.

Furthermore, FPSB India will offer five scholarships on merit to empower deserving candidates with the skills, knowledge and certifications necessary for a successful career as a Certified Financial Planner professional. Additionally, both institutions will collaborate on organizing joint events, including workshops, seminars, and conferences, to foster knowledge exchange and networking opportunities for professionals and students alike.

Krishan Mishra, CEO, FPSB India said, “This collaboration marks a significant milestone in our efforts to elevate the financial planning profession in India. By joining forces with IIM Bangalore, we aim to provide students with unparalleled opportunities to excel in the professional financial planning sector and contribute to the growth and development of the industry.”

Professor Rishikesha T Krishnan, Director of IIM Bangalore, said, “We are happy to partner with FPSB India in our shared mission to bridge the gap between academia and industry in the field of personal finance. Together, we will leverage our combined expertise to empower future finance professionals with the skills and knowledge required to thrive in today's dynamic business environment.”

FPSB India and IIM Bangalore are committed to working collaboratively on various initiatives to promote financial literacy, advance research, and address the evolving needs of the personal finance sector. Through this partnership, both organizations seek to make quality education and training in financial planning accessible to students, thereby nurturing a talent pool equipped to drive innovation and excellence in the professional financial planning services in the country and beyond.