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Shankar Venkatagiri

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Associate Professor
Information Systems
Chairperson, Information Systems
Decision Sciences - Secondary Member

Shankar Venkatagiri has been a faculty in the Information Systems area at IIM Bangalore since 2002.

Prior to joining IIMB, Shankar worked in the IT industry around Cambridge, USA. At Sapient, he consulted with clients in energy and healthcare. He then moved to Curl Corporation, an MIT start-up, where he built bandwidth-efficient applets.  At Reuters Consulting, he worked with financial firms as a solutions architect. 

Shankar has strived to extend the reach of education with technology. He has anchored a program for school mathematics called Topper TV. His MOOCs on business statistics are featured on edX. As the IT Chair during the pandemic, he helped repurpose IIMB classrooms to reach students everywhere.

Shankar is interested in data science, healthcare, and agile methods. He teaches courses in big data analytics and information systems management. He currently directs the DSAI program, which focuses on data science. He has created and directed the GMHE program, which is aimed at healthcare professionals.

Shankar holds a doctorate in mathematics and a masters in computer science from Georgia Tech. He is also an alumnus of IIT Kharagpur and the University of Southern California.


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MBA Program: Big Data Analysis with Networks, Managing Software Projects, Statistics and Optimisation

Doctoral Program: Mathematical Methods for Management Research, Multivariate Statistics, Preparatory Mathematics

MOOCs: Statistics for Business I and II on the edX platform

Besides this, Shankar teaches extensively in IIMB's executive programs each year on topics related to information systems, analytics, technology-driven leadership and negotiation skills. He has coordinated several programs for companies in the IT sector.

Shankar has trained teams at Swiss Singapore Overseas, Philips Healthcare, State Bank of India, NDS (now Cisco), HAL on topics related to analytics, negotiation skills, agile methodologies

  • Chairperson, Post Graduate Program in Software Enterprise Management (2007-2009)
  • Designed distributed classrooms at Bangalore & Chennai for the PGSEM program (2005-2007)
  • Established the Moodle learning management system at IIM Bangalore (2004)

  •     Ph.D. in Mathematics from Georgia Tech (1996)
  •     M.S. in Computer Science from Georgia Tech (1995)
  •     M.A. in Mathematics from U. of Southern California (1992)
  •     M.Sc. (Integrated) in Mathematics from IIT Kharagpur (1990)