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Gopal Mahapatra

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Professor of Practice
Organizational Behavior & Human Resources Management
Chairperson, Organizational Behavior & Human Resources Management

Gopal P Mahapatra is a Professor of Practice, OB & HRM at IIM, Bangalore. Prior to this he was a Professor of Practice, OB & HRM at IIM, Indore . He has thirty plus years of corporate, consulting and academic experience in leading: Organisational Transformation, Talent and Leadership Development, Executive Coaching ,Career Management, Assessment and Development Center and , Strategic HR and at RPG Group, Oracle, Gujrat Gas, TV Rao Learning Systems, BPL, INDAL, XIMB and BEL.

Gopal has been a successful Organizational Transformation Practitioner and Leadership Coach ardent about building Institutions and establishing systems to enhance performance. In Corporate and Consulting experience he had multiple institutionalized processes and built-in focus on vision, values, and growth of organizations. He has done extensive work in the area of Executive Coaching and 360 Degree Feedback Coaching for more than 1800 Top and Senior leaders in MNCs like: Nestle, Astra Zeneca , Oracle, and Private Companies/Groups like: Tatas, Birlas(ABG), RPG and PSUs.

He is a Fellow in Management (Doctoral Programme) from IIM, Bangalore & Post-Graduate in Personnel Management & IR from Xavier Institute of Social Service, Ranchi. He is educated in Coaching by Prof. Marshall Goldsmith. He’s a Certified Executive Coach by Results Coaching and Ericson Coaching and is also certified by Future Search, PDI, Mercer and MBTI (by APT). He is trained by London Business School in Strategic HR, and Total Quality by JUSE, Tokyo,

He was earlier the President, National HRD Network, and Bangalore. He has been visiting faculty member at IIM Bangalore, Kolkata & IIM Udaipur.  He has been on the Academic Council/Advisory Board of many key institutions and of leading B- Schools and Associate Editor, South Asian Journal of HRM. In addition to the corporate experience, he has co-edited three books, edited a Special Journal Issue of NHRDN on "Organisation Development" and written number of papers and participated in a number of international and national conferences.


List of Publications (Books)

  • Padaki, Agrawal, Balaji and Mahapatra Gopal (Ed.) , “Emerging Asia”for NHRDN International Conference, 2004, published by Tata Mc Graw Hill, 2004.
  • Akhilesh, Gurtoo and Mahapatra Gopal, “Enabling Execution Excellence-Global Agenda.” co-edited with for International HR Confluence by IISC & NIPM, published by Himalaya, 2006.
  • TV Rao, Mahapatra Gopal, Raju Rao and Nandini (Ed.) “360 Degree Feedback and Performance Management System”, Vol. II, Excel Books, 2002.
  • Mahapatra Gopal , Guest Editor, Special Issue on “Organisation Development”, National HRD Network, July 2008 with more than 30 Global and Indian thought leaders ;circulation among more than 5000 HR professionals in India & abroad

List of Publications (Refereed Journals)

  • Mahapatra , Gopal P, Interview with Dr H R Nagendra, Chancellor ,Swami Vivekananda Yoga Anusandhana Samsthana (S-VYASA)South Asian Journal of Human Resources Management, 1(2), December, 2015
  • Mahapatra, Gopal P, “Multisource Learning as a Critical Variable in Professional Growth: Reflections on My HRD Journey” in HRD, OD and Institution Building-Essays in Memory of Udai Pareek Edited by T V Rao and Anil K Khandelwal, Sage , 2015
  • Mahapatra,  Gopal  P.  “Interview  with  Mr  Rajeev  Dubey,  National  President, National HRD Network, India”, South Asian Journal of Human Resources Management, 1(1) 119–125, June, 2014
  • Mahapatra, Gopal P “Interview with Dileep Ranjekar, Founder CEO, Azim Premji  Foundation, South Asian Journal of Human Resources Management, 1(2), December, 2014
  • Mahapatra, Gopal P “Interview with Rajeev Dubey, President (Group HR, After-Market & Corporate Services) & Member of the Group Executive Board, Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd, India” , South Asian Journal of Human Resources Management, 1(2), December, 2014
  • Mahapatra, Gopal P ,”Interview with Ms Smita Saha”, Vice President-HR, Astra Zeneca Pharma, India Ltd. South Asian Journal of Human Resources Management, 2(1), June, 2015
  • Mahapatra Gopal and Vivek Subramanian “, Leadership Development in a Multinational-An Indian case” in Vikalpa,Vol.36, No 3, July-Sept 2011
  • Mahapatra Gopal P and Nandini Chawla, "Survey Research & experiences from 360degree” AHRD USA & AHRD India International Conference Proceedings of” Human Resource Development in Asia” edited by Pareek, Osman-Gani, Ramnarayan and TV Rao, published in Oxford & IBH Publications, Oct 2002, pg389-396
  • Mahapatra Gopal P & A. Sudhakar Menon, “Collaborations for Stimulating R&D”, NHRDN International Conference Proceedings, Hyderabad, Tata McGraw Hill, 1991

List of other Publications

  • Gopal Mahapatra , “Multifarious Learning as a critical variable in professional growth; Reflections on my HRD Journey ”, Rao, TV & Anil Khandelwal (Ed.) book, “HRD , OD and Institution Building”, Sage Publishers, India, 2015, pp
  • Rajnish Nayak, DR. Arvind Agrawal and Dr. Gopal P Mahapatra, A Study on 360 degree feedback system in RPG Enterprises, NHRD Journal, HR in Indian Organizations, January 2015, Pgs 27-36
  • Was Joint Chair (Research), National HRD Network, National Conference Mumbai and was responsible for jointly with E&Y enabling research papers on 4 themes; Coaching, Performance Management, Employee Relations & Emerging Talent from Campus, Nov, 2014
  • Mahapatra, Gopal P a case on OD in the book “OD: Interventions and strategies”, by S Ramnarayan & , TV Rao by Sage Books(Second Edition) , 2011
  • Mahapatra,  Gopal  P,  “Emotional  Intelligence”,  Compass,  Oracle  Global,  Mar 2008
  • Anuradha Mahesh and Mahapatra, Gopal P “Indian Women: Empowerment & achievement: now and further ahead”-Based on Report of the Proceedings of International Women’s Day Event on 15th March 2008 – organized by HRD Network, Bangalore Chapter, NHRDN Journal , 2008
  • Mahapatra, Gopal P, Prabhu, PVR Murthy & Deedeepya, in “Evolving Field of OD” in Special Issue on “Organisation Development”, NHRD Network, July2008, Pg.1-7
  • Mahapatra, Gopal P, “Changing Paradigms in OD” in Special issue on “Organisation Development”, NHRD Network, July 2008Pg 52-57
  • Mahapatra, Gopal P, & Naga Siddharth “Work Life Balance & HR Professionals ” presented at IRC IISC & NIPM & Published in “Execution Excellence.” edited by Akhilesh, Gurtoo & Mahapatra, Enabling Execution Excellence by Himalaya 2006 Pg287-295
  • Mahapatra, Gopal P, “Mentoring for strengthening Leadership” in “Emerging Asia ”co-edited by Padaki, Agrawal, Balaji & Mahapatra, published by TMH pg 79-98,2004
  • Mahapatra, Gopal P, “360 Degree Feedback-Experiences and Reflections as a consultant” in T V Rao and Nandini Chawla edited “360 Degree Feedback and Assessment & Development Centres”, published by Excel.2004, pg(s) 100-109.
  • Mahapatra, Gopal P, and & Madhulika, “ Demystifying Competencies & Assessment & Development Centres” in T V Rao and Nandini Chawla edited “360 Degree Feedback and Assessment & Development Centres", published by Excel.2004, pg(s) 285-294
  • Mahapatra, Gopal P, “ Opportunities and Challenges of PMS Implementation” in T V Rao, Gopal P Mahapatra, Raju Rao and Nandini Chawla edited “360 Degree Feedback & Performance Management System” published by Excel books, 2002,Pg(s)244-251.
  • Mahapatra, Gopal P, and Nandini Chawla “Some Observable Trends in 360 Degree Feedback” in T V Rao , Gopal P Mahapatra, Raju Rao and Nandini Chawla edited “360 Degree Feedback & Performance Management System” published by Excel books ,2002,Pg(s)84-91.
  • Nandini Chawla and Mahapatra, Gopal P, “Myths of 360 Degree Feedback” in T V Rao , Gopal P Mahapatra, Raju Rao and Nandini Chawla edited “360 Degree Feedback & Performance Management System” published by Excel books ,2002,Pg(s)170-182.
  • Mahapatra, Gopal P, and Nandini Chawla, “The Myths of 360” in Human Capital, 2002
  • Mahapatra, Gopal P, ,“Assessment & Development Centres-The BPL Experience”, NHRDN Newsletter, Aug 2001,Pg(s) 13-22
  • Mahapatra,   Gopal   P,   and   Virani,   FB   “Academic-Industry   Experience” (Mimeograph) presented at IMA Katrurba Lalbhai Centre in May 1995 jointly by GGCL with IIMA.
  • Mahapatra, Gopal P, “Training  -the  Indal Experience” in NHRDN Chennai Conference, published by NHRD Network, 1993
  • Mahapatra, Gopal P, “ Quality Circles for Service Industry” in Service Marketing by Dr SC Sahoo & Dr PK Sinha, Himalaya Books, 1992
  • Mahapatra, Gopal P, “Quality Circles for Quality of Work Life” in Management & Labour Studies, XLRI Jamshedpur, July, 1991.


  • Fellow Programme in Management, Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore, India, 1982-1986 (Diploma awarded in 1990 Convocation)
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Personnel Management & IR , Xavier Institute of Social Service, Ranchi, 1980-1982
  • BA (English Literature., Political Science), Utkal University, 1978-1980