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Rajendra K Bandi

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Rajendra K

Information Systems

Dr. Bandi is a Professor of Information Systems at IIMB. He started teaching during his doctoral programme at Georgia State University, Atlanta, USA.  

Prior to joining IIMB, he was an Assistant Professor at Florida Gulf Coast University, Fort Myers, USA.


  • ICT-enabled Relocation of Jobs
  • Social / Ethical issues in a ICT-enabled society
  • Measurement, Metrics & Software Engineering
  • Object-Oriented Technology and Reuse
  • Knowledge Management
  • Distance Learning & Appropriate Educational Tools


  • "Putting People First", an interview with Professor Rajendra Bandi in CIO, August 15, 2007, Volume 2, Issue 19. pp. 60-63
  • Nena Lim and Rajendra K Bandi, "Passive Piracy: Why Pirates Are Not Necessarily Potential Buyers of Digital Products" in Proceedings of the Australasian Conference on Information Systems, Adelaide, Australia, December 6-8, 2006
  • Vishal Shah and Rajendra K Bandi, "Service Delivery in Remote Technical Support Services: A Business Process Outsourcing Case" in Proceedings of the International Conference on Management of Globally Distributed Work, Bangalore, India, December 28-30, 2005
  • Rajendra Bandi, "The employment perspectives of source and recipient countries in global sourcing of financial services" Presentation at ILO Tripartite Seminar on Social Dialogue on Global Sourcing in Financial Services for Selected Countries from Asia and Pacific plus the United Kingdom, New Delhi, India, 23-25 November 2005
  • Rajendra Bandi and Vikas Mehra, "An exploratory study of knowledge contributing & seeking behaviors through knowledge repositories" in Proceedings of the International Conference on Information Science, Technology, and Management, Gurgaon, India, July 24-26, 2005
  • Rajendra Bandi and Vasanthi Srinivasan, "Jobs on the Move: De-localisation and Relocation of eWork - Discussion", IIMB Management Review, Volume 17, Number 2, June 2005
  • Rajendra Bandi, "Internationalisation of Employment: A Destination Country Perspective" Workshop on The Internationalisation of Employment: Challenges for a Fair Globalisation, Annecy, France, 11-12 April 2005, hosted by ILO, Geneva

  • Member, Technical Advisory Panel, Department of IT, Karnataka Government
  • Member, Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences (INFORMS)

  • Received the "Best Case Award" for the case titled "Service Delivery in Remote Customer Support: A BPO Case" at the 16th AIMS Convention, August 2004, Goa, India
  • Received "Best Elective Award" for the course titled "Information Systems Analysis", IIM Bangalore, March 2000
  • Ranked among the top 10 faculty on Executive Education Program Participant's feedback for the year 1999-2000
  • Awarded CIS Instructorship (a competitive position) for 1996/1997
  • Teaching Assistantship: College of Business, Georgia State University, Spring ‘95-Summer ‘96
  • Research Assistantship: College of Business, Georgia State University, Fall ‘91-Summer ‘96

  • IIM Bangalore: 1998-present
  • Assistant Professor, Florida Gulf Coast University, USA, August 1997-December 1998
  • Temporary Instructor, Georgia State University, USA, September 1996-June 1997
  • Teaching Assistant, Georgia State University, USA, March 1995-August 1996

  • PhD, Computer Information Systems, College of Business Administration, Georgia State University, Atlanta, Georgia, USA
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Personnel Management and Industrial Relations (Honors), XLRI Jamshedpur, India
  • BSc (Engineering), Regional Institute of Technology, Jamshedpur, India