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deboline Dutta

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Professor of Practice
Organizational Behavior & Human Resources Management

With 30 years of work experience, Dr. Debolina has worked as CHRO for 6 years in 2 multi-national firms. Her last assignment was as CHRO was with Schneider-Luminous as VP-HR, Admin,and CSR. She has served as a member of the Board of IIM Indore from 2017-2022 and continues to serve on the board of an NGO, SSISM, which is focused on rural education. She has had in-depth experience across all facets of HR functions across multiple locations, cultures, and organizations (MNC, private sector, and entrepreneurial start-up). Her industry experience spans heavy engineering and electrical switchgear, IT software services, alcobev, and apparel retail.

As an ACC-level ICF certified executive coach, with multiple certifications in the facilitation of behavioral training and certified in psychometric tools, she has facilitated coaching and training sessions for mid-management and leadership level executives. Debolina has substantial experience dealing with large international stakeholders in organization growth initiatives, change management, mergers &acquisition, and multi-cultural environments.

Debolina has completed her Fellow Program in Management (Industry) from IIM, Indore, PG from IIM, Bangalore, and BTech from College of Engineering, Pune. Apart from her substantial industry experience, Debolina has also published several case studies with Harvard Business Review and academic research articles with top journals over the last six years. 

RESEARCH INTERESTS: Current research interests are in emerging trends of predictive analytics in HR, use of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in HR, and emerging talent management practices in the changing context. Some of the published research is as under:


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  • FPM (Industry), IIM Indore, India
  • PGSEM, IIM Bangalore, India
  • Bachelor of Engineering, College of Engineering, Pune, India