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Suresh Bhagavatula

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Professor Bhagavatula’s research interests are in two partly overlapping domains – Entrepreneurship and Social Networks. In Entrepreneurship, his interests are in both low and high technology firms in India. Within the Social Network domain, he is interested in understanding the influence of social capital on performance of entrepreneurs and teams. His research work has been published in the Journal of Business Venturing (JBV), Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice (ETP), StrategicEntrepreneurship Journal (SEJ), and IIMB Management Review.


  • "Online health behavior: Antecedents and outcomes of employee participation in an organization's online health program (2021)." Personnel Psychology, Vol 74, Issue 3, with Sushil Nifadkar
  • Handle with care: Entrepreneurial reputation-borrowing in an emerging economy (2020) Journal of Business Venturing Insights13, e00156
  • Innovation and Entrepreneurship in India: An Overview (2019), Management and Organization Review’s Special Issue on “Innovation and Entreprenuership in India15(3), 467-493, With Ram Mudambi and Peter Murmann)
  • Effectuation, network-building and internationalisation speed (2019), International Small Business Journal, 37(1), 3-21, with Prashantham, S., Kumar, K., & Sarasvathy, S. D. 
  • Accelerator Expertise: Understanding the meso-level role of accelerators in the development of Entrepreneurial Ecosystem (2018), Strategic Entrepreneurship Journal, Vol. 12, No. 1. with Goswami, K. and Mitchell, R.
  • An Effectual Approach to International Entrepreneurship: Overlaps, Challenges and Provocative Possibilities, (2014), Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice 38(1), 71-93, with Saras Sarasvathy, S.D., Kumar, K., and York, J.
  • The causes of consequences of churn in Entrepreneurs’ personal networks, (2012), Strategic Entrepreneurship Journal, Vol. 6, No. 3, pp. 273-289, with Balagopal Vissa.
  • “Direct and mediating role of social and human capital in influencing opportunity recognition and resource mobilization of entrepreneurs in handloom clusters in India, (2010) Journal of Business Venturing, 25, 245 – 260, with Elfring, T.,  Tilburg, A., Bunt, G.  


  • TRDDC (Tata Research Design and Development Centre), within their Mineral Processing division, as a Process Engineer
  • KVK (Krishi Vigyan Kendra), Visakhapatnam as a Microenterprise Coordinator

  • PhD, Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  • MS, University of Flensburg, Germany
  • BE, Shivaji University, Kolhapur, India