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Graduating PGP and PGP-BA students get valuable perspectives from their teachers at ‘Pragya 2024’

07 MARCH, 2024: Wit and wisdom marked ‘Pragya 2024’, the evening of lectures by invitation for the graduating students at IIMB. 

The students were all ears as the Director, Prof. RT Krishnan, the Dean Programmes, Prof. Rahul Dé, and the Chairperson – PGP & PGP-BA, Prof. R Srinivasan, set the context for the evening, encouraging them to build networks, stay true to their own selves and give back to society. 

When the three professors invited by the students to deliver the special lectures at Pragya 2024 took the stage, they were greeted with warm applause.  

Prof. G Sabarinathan, from the Finance & Accounting area, shared highlights of his professional life, from ICICI to TDICI to IIMB, weaving key takeaways into his lecture. What they teach you in a B-school provides you an efficient way to comprehend and make sense of the complexity in the world of business, no matter what your functional area be. The classroom may not provide cases for all that is taught. That is where one’s ability to apply, adapt one’s learning becomes important,” he said. 

Watch the video here: https://youtu.be/7E6nrJ5Tk4I 

On the subject on wealth, he said: “The assets that you hold in your personal balance sheet should not be balanced by owners’ networth alone on the liabilities. You must acknowledge your society or community as claimholders too. 

Prof. Vasanthi Srinivasan, faculty in the OB&HRM area, drew attention of the young managers of tomorrow to the changing landscape of work, the demands that work makes on life and relationships, and the need to find mentors and build strong networks. 

Quoting instances from her professional and personal life, she urged the young women in the audience to dream big and invest in building networks and support systems. She suggested that young men learn to support and nurture the careers of their partners. 

Prof. Trilochan Sastry, who wears many hats – Professor of Decision Sciences, and Founder of NGOs such as Association for Democratic Reforms (ADR) and Centre for Collective Development (CCD) and has a deep interest in social entrepreneurship, rural development and good governance, dwelt on the concept of ‘swadharma or action in accordance with your nature, skills and talents. “You may choose to join the corporate sector, or social sector, or become entrepreneurs….whatever path you take, be true to yourself and you will be happy,” he said. 

The professors then answered questions from the students which ranged from how to find purpose and passion in one’s profession, to how does one transition from carefree student to responsible working professional.Go about your life as if you are in charge of your destiny. But acknowledge every moment that you are in control of nothing, including your next breath, one of them said. 

The Students’ Academic Council at IIMB, organizers of the programme, have kept the tradition of ‘Pragya’ alive for over a decade now.