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Executive Education Programmes

Developing Technology Partnerships between firms in India and Israel 

In the world of business and technology, India and Israel have complementary strengths. While India is playing technology catch-up in several industry segments that offer huge potential for both products and services., Israel is at the cutting edge of technology in several domains but has a small local market. Thus, there are several opportunities for collaboration between firms in the two countries. In line with the “MAKE IN INDIA” initiative, the object of this program is to help participants identify technology gaps in India that prevent the development and/or manufacture of required products and services in India. It will also help participants learn how to seek technology partnerships with firms in Israel and build long-term technology partnerships for mutual benefit.

The objective is to understand technologies and the process of technology development in Israel to enhance the application of technology to enhance business opportunities in India and other India-like markets.

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Establishing and Managing Corporate Innovation: Lessons from the Israeli experience

How is it that some companies are able to innovate continuously? A simple answer to this is by being entrepreneurial. The role of intrapreneurship or the capacity to be entrepreneurial within the company is to transform ideas into actual products and services that add value and ultimately award the organization a sustainable competitive edge. Intrapreneurship is also needed in science and technology laboratories. In fact, much of competitive edge that many organizations have is due to access to high technology that was once part of a lab. However, taking Intellectual Property that is available in labs to usable technology requires scientists and technologists to thinking entrepreneurially.

The objective of this course is to impart the best practices in order to equip participants with tools and techniques that can be leveraged in order to make their teams, laboratories or organizations more innovative. There will be significant learnings from the innovation and startup experiences in Israel. The three program directors bring varied experience in the area of innovation and entrepreneurship. They also collaborate to manage a course helping Indian companies build technology partnerships with Israeli companies, which provides them insights into the relevance of the innovation experience in Israel to the context of India.

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