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To focus on new and emerging areas of research and education, Centres of Excellence have been established within the Institute. These ‘virtual' centres draw on resources from its stakeholders, and interact with them to enhance core competencies



Faculty members at IIMB generate knowledge through cutting-edge research in all functional areas of management that would benefit public and private sector companies, and government and society in general.


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The Indian Institute of Management Bangalore (IIMB) believes in building leaders through holistic, transformative and innovative education


Student Testimonials

Radhika Praveen

Hello, I am Radhika, currently working as a Programme manager with years of experience. Throughout my career, I have been involved mainly with the technical side of things and so decided to take a plunge into management. 
In order to do so, I wanted to equip myself better and from the best. That’s when I found out about PGPEM from IIMB. I did not want to stop working, so this was a very good option. Joining PGPEM has been the best decision of my life and a life-changing experience while learning from best of the best professors, peers from diverse backgrounds, and the pedagogy. The best thing about PGPEM is applying the learnings from the classroom every day at work. Not just me, but my colleagues and managers too have been able to see the transition in my delivery of work. Being a working mother, managing home, work, and PGPEM has been hectic, but I did not feel fatigued because of the excellent learning experience. I can confidently say I am ready to take on any challenges at work and be a great manager.

- Radhika Praveen PGPEM 2020-22


I am Gautham CB, and I work in the Healthcare Industry. I have over 21 years of work experience. At this point of my career, I needed a formal educational upgrade and the PGPEM Program offering an MBA, from the prestigious institute, was the right catalyst to back me up for future roles in the corporate ladder. 
Having enrolled in the 2020 batch, the journey so far has been amazing. We have got all-round exposure to various aspects of management. At the end of the two-year course, we will, for sure, be better decision-makers and transformed leaders.

- Gautham CB PGPEM 2020-22


My interest in financial technology and management led me to IIMB. It was my destination of choice as IIMB been at the forefront of thought-leadership in business management
I want to highlight my learning from peers, top notch professors, and industry leaders in the classroom and beyond and implementing the learnings at work the same time. The programme curriculum is very well curated, and the benchmark of the programme is the benefits in day to day work. The batch comprises of a very diverse set of cohort which includes veterans and a very gender balanced group of students. I will always cherish the friendships made and memories forged during my course.

- Abhishek Sarkar PGPEM 2020-22


Given my technical background, I developed a deep functional expertise on various aspects of pharma research in my professional career. However, one needed to be ready to look beyond its expertise area and develop a knack to look at the big picture. PGPEM provided me the opportunity to look at things differently and develop a holistic view with the end goal in mind. Learning from top notch professors and cross-pollination with peers builds a solid foundation to face the ever-changing business environment globally.

- Sanjeev Giri, Ph.D PGPEM 2020-22

Naren Mohan

I am Naren. I am a second generation entrepreneur in family interests in Hospitality, Real Estate and Manufacturing. There are three main reasons why I chose IIMB for my higher Management studies. The first is branding. IIMB has a ubiquitous brand which opens up doors inaccessible before for business opportunities.
The second is networking. With its vast alumni network, knowledgeable professors and business leaders as your cohort, every hour is a learning process.
The third is the learning which is essential for any educational institution. IIMB, with its long history, is very well-known for it.

- Naren Mohan RameshPGPEM 2020-22

Sarita Kanchan

Experience life-changing work and study opportunities with the two-year weekend MBA at IIMB
“The PGPEM at IIMB gives you the opportunity to meet peers from different backgrounds and work experience.”

- Sarita Kanchan Class of 2018-20

Gautam Talwar

Gain international exposure and strengthen your network with the two-year weekend MBA at IIMB
“IIMB is part of the Global Network for Advanced Management and as a student of the PGPEM, I can leverage this network to learn how organizations can become more global.”

- Gautam Talwar Class of 2018-20

Atul Kimtee

Excel with a career progression platform like the two-year weekend MBA at IIMB
“Methodologies, Networking, Organization & Management, Programme Structure, and Quality are the five important elements that make the PGPEM at IIMB ideal for mid-career managers and senior executives.”

- Atul Kimtee Class of 2018-20


Many of us are naturally inclined towards looking at the technical aspects of any given problem, given our technical background. During this programme, we learned to look at the other aspects of solutions. Two fabulous years of such learning is what makes it a great journey.

- Subha N Nair Class of 2017


While I got the flexibility to take a term off, I also got the opportunity to travel to Germany for a full-term exchange programme. This gave me exposure to the global business environment and its challenges

- Kranti Arora Class of 2017

Shishank Gupta

The PGPEM is about the joy of being back in school, rubbing shoulders with peers who are from diverse backgrounds, interacting with industry experts and academics, participating in cultural and industry events and, above all, learning in a vibrant environment.

- Shishank Gupta Class of 2017


I am a professional singer. So when IIMB happened, I was afraid that I may have to give up my passion, but I was inspired by my peers on campus, especially the way they manage work-life-study. I not only fulfilled the programme requirements, I also pursued my dreams here on campus.

- Sujay Harthi Class of 2017