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8th Biennial Supply Chain Management Conference at IIMB

The Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore, is set to host the Eighth Biennial Supply Chain Management Conference on January 5–6, 2024. This event, organised by IIMB's Supply Chain Management Centre (SCMC), is aimed at academic researchers and industry practitioners in the fields of operations and supply chain management. The conference promises to be an excellent opportunity for attendees to exchange insights, share best practises, listen to various keynote sessions, and participate in research presentations.

The theme of the 8th Biennial Supply Chain Management Conference:

Innovative Strategies for Sustainable and Digital Supply Chains.

About the conference

The upcoming conference on "Innovative Strategies for Sustainable and Digital Supply Chains" is set to be a captivating and informative event that will unite experts from diverse fields to delve into the most recent trends, innovations, and best practices for establishing environmentally sustainable and digitally advanced supply chains. This gathering will serve as a platform for industry leaders, policymakers, and researchers to exchange their valuable insights and experiences regarding the optimization of supply chain operations while minimizing environmental impact. With a specific focus on the advantages of digitalization, such as enhanced visibility, efficiency, and collaboration, the conference will explore cutting-edge technologies and tools that enable companies to achieve these objectives.

The conference is expected to attract a diverse range of attendees, including supply chain executives, sustainability professionals, government officials, and researchers. Attendees will have the opportunity to participate in interactive sessions and workshops, engage in networking activities, present the latest research, and learn from some of the most innovative and knowledgeable experts in the field.

Important Dates:

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Full Paper submission for Student Paper Competition


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Conference Dates

January 5 and 6, 2024

To know more about the event kindly click the link - https://www.iimb.ac.in/8th-biennial-scm-conference/