Centres Of Excellence

To focus on new and emerging areas of research and education, Centres of Excellence have been established within the Institute. These ‘virtual' centres draw on resources from its stakeholders, and interact with them to enhance core competencies



Faculty members at IIMB generate knowledge through cutting-edge research in all functional areas of management that would benefit public and private sector companies, and government and society in general.


IIMB Management Review

Journal of Indian Institute of Management Bangalore

IIM Bangalore offers Degree-Granting Programmes, a Diploma Programme, Certificate Programmes and Executive Education Programmes and specialised courses in areas such as entrepreneurship and public policy.


About IIMB

The Indian Institute of Management Bangalore (IIMB) believes in building leaders through holistic, transformative and innovative education


Objectives of the Centre

  • To facilitate the development of teaching content such as teaching cases and teaching notes.

  • To launch initiatives for the benefit of the teaching-learning community.

  • To create platforms for discussions around effective and emerging pedagogical practices.

  • To evolve measures to evaluate teaching performance and learning.

  • To provide teaching-related support and inputs to faculty members and doctoral students.

  • To act as a national resource for improving the standards of teaching in institutes of higher education.