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MIJSC Foundation Day Agenda Date: 14th September ’21 10.00 am – 1.00 pm IST

Theme: Connect. Explore. Transform

YouTube Link: https://youtu.be/tNHI-LynwKk 

Mizuho India Japan Study Centre (MIJSC) is celebrating its Foundation Day on 14th September 2021, marking its successful entry to the fifth year of its operations. MIJSC (earlier known as India Japan Study Centre) was founded with the aim to become a leading research and networking hub to pursue international, interdisciplinary, and comprehensive research on mutual areas of interest between India and Japan, and to provide students, researchers, business managers and policy makers with a deeper understanding of Japanese and Indian businesses. 

The theme for this year’s Foundation Day is “Connect, Explore & Transform”.  This virtual event is divided into three sessions, and each session will look into this theme in detail. 

The programme includes keynote speeches by the Honorable Toshihide Ando, Minister and Deputy Chief of Mission, Embassy of Japan in India; and Ambassador Sanjay Kumar Verma, Embassy of India in Japan, followed by the addresses from other dignitaries and Chief Guests. 

In the first session, we would be sharing the milestones of our activities till date followed by messages from many dignitaries including Keynote address of Ambassador to Japan and Deputy Ambassador to India.  In the second session, we would have a message from Consulate General of Japan, Bengaluru followed by sharing of our findings through research funded projects and webinars of subject experts.  In the third session, we would be sharing a two major game changing projects that could potentially change the SME landscape and engineering education paradigm in India and Japan. 

This zoom event is multilingual and can be heard in both English and Japanese. Instructions on how to access your preferred language is attached below.


Connect: With Stakeholders (70 min)

10.00 AM – 10.10 AM: Welcome Address – Chairperson, MIJSC

10.10 AM – 10.20 AM: Milestones of MIJSC (Video)

10.20 AM – 10.30 AM: Director, IIM Bangalore

10.30 AM – 10.40 AM: President, Mizuho Bank

10.40 AM – 10.55 AM: Japanese DCM, New Delhi 

10.55 AM – 11.10 AM: Indian Ambassador, Tokyo

Interlude (5 Minutes)


Explore: Through Research / Webinars (45 min)

11.15 AM – 11.25 AM: Dean Faculty, IIM Bangalore 

11.25 PM – 11.45 PM: Consulate General of Japan, Bangalore

11.45 PM – 12.00 PM: Exploring India-Japan Relationship through Research / Webinars (Presentation)



Transform: Through BET / VLCI Initiatives (60 min)

12.00 PM – 12.05 PM: Context Setting by Principal Investigator

12.05PM – 12.15 PM: Transform SMEs through B.E.T Project (Video)

12.15 PM – 12.25 PM: VLCI Mentor

12.25 PM – 12.35 PM: Chairman (CII-VLFM)

12.35 PM – 12.45 PM: Transform Engineering Colleges through VLCI Project (Video)

12.45 PM – 12.50 PM: MIJSC Brochure and Newsletter Issue 3 (September)

12.50 PM – 13.00 PM: Vote of Thanks by Chief Operating Officer (MIJSC)

13.00 PM             : National Anthems of India and Japan

For inquiries, email at india.japan.study.centre@iimb.ac.in 

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