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To focus on new and emerging areas of research and education, Centres of Excellence have been established within the Institute. These ‘virtual' centres draw on resources from its stakeholders, and interact with them to enhance core competencies



Faculty members at IIMB generate knowledge through cutting-edge research in all functional areas of management that would benefit public and private sector companies, and government and society in general.


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IIM Bangalore offers Degree-Granting Programmes, a Diploma Programme, Certificate Programmes and Executive Education Programmes and specialised courses in areas such as entrepreneurship and public policy.


About IIMB

The Indian Institute of Management Bangalore (IIMB) believes in building leaders through holistic, transformative and innovative education


Occasional Papers

An Occasional Paper series has been started with the intention of producing a set of papers that can contribute to the debate on public policy in the country and internationally. The papers are reviewed by experts prior to being edited for publication. Some have been published and a number of papers are in the pipeline. This activity is expected to yield a rich body of material for public policy capacity-building as well as the ongoing debates in the country. 

1. The Impact of Power Exchanges on Electricity Prices in the Wholesale Electricity Market in India, Umesh Kumar Shukla and Ashok Thampy (May 2010)

2. Urban Transport in India: Policy Implications and Research Agenda, Madhav Badami, (June 2009)

3. The Indian Macroeconomy: Theory and Policy Mihir Rakshit (February 2009)

4. Compulsory Licensing System: Is it an Efficient Instrument for Ensuring Access to Essential Drugs in Developing Countries? Rajnish Rai (December 2008)

5. Firm Strategies of the Indian Pharmaceutical Industry post-TRIPS and Patent (Amendment) Act, 2005 Rajnish Rai (October 2008)

6. Taxation and Tax Compliance in India: The Attitudes and Perceptions of Taxpayers and their Influence on Tax Behavior, Sibichen K Mathew (March 2008)

7. Water Policy in India – A Brief Overview, Vaidyanathan A (June 2007)

8. Maternal and Neonatal Health: Surviving the Roller-Coaster of International Policy, Gita Sen, Veloshnee Govender, Jane Cottingham (March 2007)

9. Social Security and Other Measures for the Formalization of the Unorganized Sector, Lukose Vallatharai (July 2006)

10. Reforming India's Social Security System for the Twenty-first Century, Mukul G Asher and Deepa Vasudevan (June 2006)

11. Indian Industrial Policy and Global Competition, Siddharthan N S (September 2005)

12. Effective Enforcement of Social Legislation Pertaining to Women, Sobha Nambisan (April 2005)